Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Well, Chase and I broke up a couple days ago. It was honestly an up and down week because I'd be happy one moment, thinking things were good, but then the next, I'd be down in the dumps. Thursday and Friday were the first days in a little bit when things were normal, and he explained something that I knew about before we had started dating, but it's still true and it makes sense. It hurts a bit, yeah, but I'll live. I know things happen for a reason, and Chase is still a friend and we're still going to hang out and such. Nothing's awkward between us, which is good, because I didn't want to have deja vu like I did with Jacob. I'm actually not nearly as broken up about it as I thought I'd be, but I think I knew, deep down, that I've only known him for a month and a half, and I don't know the real him. I know some of him, and some about him, and maybe we rushed into things. But still, it was good while it lasted, and I don't regret it.

But, even though it didn't (and don't think it will because of a reason or two) work out between us, I learned from it. We go through trials to make us stronger, and I know that definitely has inspired me to be stronger about things that come up in my life when I was dealing with the whole Jacob fiasco for the longest time. I feel like a stronger person now, and that I don't have to have a boyfriend to be happy. I know that whenever I am to have a boyfriend and end up happily ever after with him, it'll happen. I know it will. I want to do my own thing, focus on school, have fun with my friends, and live life. Being with Chase for a little less than a month made me realize that there are bigger and better things around the corner for me, and Jacob wasn't 'the one' that I was so focused on when I was younger and more naive about things. I always try to see the positive out of a harder situation, and even though I know I haven't been through nearly as much crap as other people, I've been through rough patches, and I keep thinking that God is control, He knows what's best, and the sun will come out tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So, I haven't quite updated in a little bit, but there hasn't been *TOO* much going on...

Other than the fact that I have a boyfriend, as of Saturday. :)

His name is Chase. We met on the quidditch team a few weeks ago. Basically from the beginning, we hit it off, and since we started talking, we haven't been able to stop, literally. We talk for hours on end every day, we get along so well, smart-alecy to each other 24/7, etc. We honestly just started out as friends, and sure I thought he was cute, but didn't think anything would really come from it. As it so happens, he felt the same way. We got to know each other pretty well (of course there's still things I don't know about him), but he's so sweet and funny and pretty awesome. :)