Monday, August 1, 2011


So, sorry it's taken me so long to write a new blog post. This summer, I honestly haven't been up to much.

I got a job babysitting the most adorable 2 1/2-year-old twins for a month early in the summer, but sadly, it was only for a month. It was really nice to have money, but the dad's job was ending after that month and he was going to be watching the girls.

Otherwise, all I've been doing is hanging with friends, hitting the bars every once in awhile, and sitting in my room being terribly bored. I'm really enjoying being 21 and dancing and such. :) It's been a lot of fun.

I've been sort of angry and bored that I don't have a job though. This is the first summer since probably my freshman or sophomore year in high school I haven't had a summer job. I babysat for a few summers when I was in high school, and when I was in college, I worked at Drs. Goodman & Partridge. But...I just hate being home doing nothing with my days. I get bored really easily when I'm not doing anything, and especially not having the money stinks.

I went up to Flag for a total of almost two weeks during the summer to find a job during the school year, but it's not looking the best. I'm really hoping for something when I head up there in 2 weeks.

I've been a bit down in the dumps about something recently, but I'm really trying to push past it. As dumb as it sounds, the show "How I Met Your Mother" has brought my spirits up a bit. You know why? Because it teaches life lessons, sort of like "Grey's Anatomy" at the beginning and end. Funnily enough, sometimes "HIMYM" is relevant to my life (just like "GA" has been a couple of times), and I just keep trying to stay positive and everything will work out in the end. I'm not sure how some things will exactly pan out when school (and Quidditch) starts in a few weeks, but I'm hoping I'll be strong enough to prove that I'm okay and I'm better off.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Never Boring...

Well, let's say that my life is never not interesting. If you know the inner-workings of everything that has gone on in my life in the past few years, then you'd definitely know that is a true statement. This past week was definitely one, especially today. I feel like I could just fall asleep right now because I am so mentally and physically exhausted from talking to one of my friends about past relationship stuff. And then, a message that I was not expecting and me laughing because of everything that has happened. I am COMPLETELY delirious right now, and man oh man, you thought I could write a book before? Psh, I could write a book NOW about everything that's gone on. My life always seems to be entertaining to the friends I tell everything to, the whole darn world can know what's going on...

This is just a brief update/blurb, probably due to the lack of sleep, hysterical laughing, killing a scorpion and cockroach within a couple minutes of each other, etc. etc.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Can't wait for all of this to be over...

I haven't posted a blog in awhile...but it's really because I've just had a horrible semester or a horrible few months.
From things that have happened with a certain someone and him seeing someone shortly after we broke up (who, actually, is on the Quidditch team WITH us, and she is one of my friends...not sure if it's the right thing to tell her about him and I...). From me knowing I screwed myself over this semester because when we WERE dating, I spent all my time with him and let my schoolwork pile up and get the better of me. From crying, wanting to hide under a rock, and never wanting to come out. I've never used so many tissues and wanted to just get away from the world before than these past few months. Honestly, the only sunny side of this semester was that I found something I have a passion for, and that is Quidditch. I've wanted to go home so many times in the past couple months and just be around people who I could cry with and everything, but I can't. And I hate that one of my best friends is on her mission and I can't go over her house or call her up to cry to her. I don't even know how to explain all the crap I've been through and how it makes me feel. On top of that, he doesn't seem to care at all, which is perfect.
Plus, I think a couple guys like me, and I thought I had a crush on both of them, but when I was home last night, I thought about it. I'm not ready for anything for awhile. Seriously. I was just sitting at my desk after I went out with my roommates last night, catching up on "Grey's Anatomy", and I just randomly started crying. I just am so messed up with everything that's gone on and can't deal with this for awhile.
Honestly, and I'm going to sound completely dumb saying this, but I feel like there's only one person I've really truly liked and haven't stopped feeling this for...but I'm not even sure how he feels anymore. He isn't talking to me at the moment because he wrote me off (I'm kinda thinking because I was still a distraction, even if I was writing normally, but I can't say for sure), but I've been thinking of him recently and of what he would say to me. I know I've had so many ups and downs with him, but he's the first person that comes to mind when I'm doing something.
For instance, after I found out about a certain someone and another girl after we broke up, I was sitting on the shuttle, listening to my iPod, on my way home for Easter weekend. I felt like it was the first time I could REALLY think and hear myself. Well, I just imagined him telling me to forget about him and do my own thing, plus, I realized it wasn't worth it. For some reason, I just felt like I always wanted to be a better person because of him, and always tried to do things the right way because of him, as corny/dumb as that sounds. I'm not sure if it's because he's my first love, or maybe I really do love him. I'm not sure. I just know that even though I went through a bunch of crap with a certain someone recently, I feel like I was more hurt and angry rather than sad and feeling like part of me was being taken away like someone else. I miss talking to him a lot, and I was going to send him a letter, but my roommate actually took it away from me and told me not to write him because if I tried now, it might be too soon and I could ruin something further in the future.'s just been a horrible few weeks/couple months, and I am so glad it's almost over. This is rambling, but I needed to do this. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Well, Chase and I broke up a couple days ago. It was honestly an up and down week because I'd be happy one moment, thinking things were good, but then the next, I'd be down in the dumps. Thursday and Friday were the first days in a little bit when things were normal, and he explained something that I knew about before we had started dating, but it's still true and it makes sense. It hurts a bit, yeah, but I'll live. I know things happen for a reason, and Chase is still a friend and we're still going to hang out and such. Nothing's awkward between us, which is good, because I didn't want to have deja vu like I did with Jacob. I'm actually not nearly as broken up about it as I thought I'd be, but I think I knew, deep down, that I've only known him for a month and a half, and I don't know the real him. I know some of him, and some about him, and maybe we rushed into things. But still, it was good while it lasted, and I don't regret it.

But, even though it didn't (and don't think it will because of a reason or two) work out between us, I learned from it. We go through trials to make us stronger, and I know that definitely has inspired me to be stronger about things that come up in my life when I was dealing with the whole Jacob fiasco for the longest time. I feel like a stronger person now, and that I don't have to have a boyfriend to be happy. I know that whenever I am to have a boyfriend and end up happily ever after with him, it'll happen. I know it will. I want to do my own thing, focus on school, have fun with my friends, and live life. Being with Chase for a little less than a month made me realize that there are bigger and better things around the corner for me, and Jacob wasn't 'the one' that I was so focused on when I was younger and more naive about things. I always try to see the positive out of a harder situation, and even though I know I haven't been through nearly as much crap as other people, I've been through rough patches, and I keep thinking that God is control, He knows what's best, and the sun will come out tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So, I haven't quite updated in a little bit, but there hasn't been *TOO* much going on...

Other than the fact that I have a boyfriend, as of Saturday. :)

His name is Chase. We met on the quidditch team a few weeks ago. Basically from the beginning, we hit it off, and since we started talking, we haven't been able to stop, literally. We talk for hours on end every day, we get along so well, smart-alecy to each other 24/7, etc. We honestly just started out as friends, and sure I thought he was cute, but didn't think anything would really come from it. As it so happens, he felt the same way. We got to know each other pretty well (of course there's still things I don't know about him), but he's so sweet and funny and pretty awesome. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Not much going on + Quidditch

Well, there hasn't been too many exciting things happen in my life since I last wrote an entry. I have some tests coming up (psychology and biology), some homework which is actually kinda nice, finished a book called "House Rules" by Jodi Picoult (who is one of my all-time favorite authors; probably have read 8 or so of her novels), onto a new book called "Love the One You're With", and yeah.
I went to my first Quidditch practice on Wednesday, and it was fun, but let's say, I was not prepared. I was wearing not too many warm things because I wore everything warm on Tuesday and didn't need it, but man I needed it Wednesday. We were playing in 20ish degrees with a semi-strong wind chill that kept making our goal posts knock over. Well, I didn't have gloves (which is a lesson learned now), and it was so bitterly cold. Somehow, I got a cut on my finger and it started bleeding. That wasn't too big of a deal, but the sneakers I was wearing were rubbing up against the back of my heel and I had a pretty big cut. Thankfully, a guy on my team was awesome enough to have athletic tape, so I wrapped it up. But it was fun! I was a chaser, and I made a goal, and was actually surprised because I could NOT feel my fingers and couldn't quite grasp the ball.
If you want a quick laydown of how to play 'muggle Quidditch', there's the same positions; beaters, chasers, seeker, and keeper. Well, the beaters act like they're in dodgeball, and try to hit the opposite team members with a sort of deflated kickball, and if they hit you, you have to go to your goal post, touch it, and then get back to the game. I was a chaser, so I passed a sort of deflated volleyball (or something like it) to the other chasers on my team to make a goal on the opposing side. The keeper, of course, defends the home goal, but can get into the game as well. The seeker is just like Harry, and has to get the snitch but funnily enough, the snitch is usually a cross-country runner, so it's funny to watch one person chasing another person, but our snitch was just a guy from our team.
So yeah...I had my normal Friday of going to class, going to the computer lab to do some homework, work, and then hung out with Allison, Vicki, and Janice, which was fun. We saw "Just Go With It" with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, and wow, it had to have been one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, I'd say! I could not stop laughing. Now, all my roommates are out, and I'm tired, and I haven't felt very well all day.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday wasn't as bad as it normally is

So, Thursdays are usually my really hectic days. I start on south campus for cultural anthropology, then go to north for Spanish, then south (again) for conservation biology, then north (again) for work, then south (AGAIN) for psychology. Well, I had cultural anthro, and we talked about anthropology and how people in the military actually USE it, which I never knew before. I think it's unethical for us or anyone else to use social science as a way to fight a war. I mean, I support the troops fully, they are brave people and heroes, but I don't like war all. I'm conservative in political stand points, but I have some parts of me that are liberal, and I'm a hippie when it comes to that, like love not war.

Spanish was normal-ish, but David (as he tells us to call him, he's a grad student) is very funny and charming. Well, I WAS going to go to conservation biology because I oh so WANTED to (note the heavy sarcasm), but I decided not to because my roommate Alisha texted me to ditch and eat lunch with her. So, I obliged, and ate and talked with her. I honestly really dislike cons. bio, and it's only a liberal arts, but I really shouldn't miss much. After that, I switched my meal plan to less meals, got Jamba Juice, and was heading to work, when I ran into one of my coworkers at the environmental sciences office that I work at and she told me that all of the science buildings were flooded! I almost didn't believe her, but then again, I wanted Starbucks before I went to JJ, and it was flooded, which is pretty insane. So, I headed over to the physical science building that I work at, and sure enough, there was yellow tape in front of the physical science, biology, and chemistry buildings. So that meant no work for me for the first time!

I went to the library, then to south campus to eat dinner, then to cognitive psych. I like how my prof makes class interesting and more interactive, because I don't rather enjoy cognitive psych compared to the psychological disorders or personality and such. BUT, she does, by showing us funny youtube videos such as Marshmallow Test, which is hilarious. Also, pictures to make us see the differences between them and telling us funny stories. Thank goodness she is a good teacher, or I think I would not be very happy sitting in that classroom for 2 1/2 hours every Thursday night!

Tonight is pretty relaxing, just watching "Criminal Minds" and I think I might watch some "American Idol" tryouts because I love watching those. I picked up the school newspaper today, and I found some camp counselor postings for out of state for the summer that I think I'm going to apply to, since it'd be nice to get out of the valley when it's as bloody hot as it is in the summer and I'd be working with kids! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Harry Potter Day + The Coldest I've EVER Been in my Life

So today was beyond freezing. I live almost a mile off campus which didn't bother me too much last semester, but Oh. My. Gosh. Today, with the wind chill, it was mmm...-14 or colder. I bundled up like I've never bundled up before. (Also take into account, I've only lived in the valley and in Florida.) Apparently they sent out a warning to be careful when you're outside because of the insane wind chill and to be careful to not get hypothermia or frostbite or um...DIE. How about we don't have school when it's this cold, or the people, like me, who have to walk to campus? It's been freezing from Monday-tomorrow and then it warms up on Friday. Ugh what was the point of this cold?! It's days like yesterday and today I really wonder why I came up here for school. I can't wait till it gets warmer.

Today was kinda Harry Potter day for me. After math and Spanish, I went to the book store and bought my first pair of sweatpants (my roommates think I'm insane, but usually when I'm hanging around the house, I wear sofees), and bought "He's Just Not That Into You" and "500 Days of Summer", and a book called "Love the One You're With". I went home shortly after that (after feeling like I was going to be blown away to Oz), and watched the rest of "The Half-Blood Prince". I LOVE that movie!! I am SO in love with Rupert Grint (along with James and Oliver Phelps), but gosh I love how Ron says Hermione's name instead of Lavender's, haha. I hate that girl, I honestly don't understand why Ron was snogging/dating her. And this may seem babyish, but I cried when Dumbledore died. :/ So sad.

I looked up wizard rock bands, and gosh, I love it! I think my dream guy is a cross between Ron or Fred/George Weasley and a Harry Potter fanatic like myself (preferably a red-head with freckles like the Weasleys). :) I also went to my first Quidditch meeting, and it seems cool! Everyone seems like nerds like me, which is awesome, and they're planning to go to a Snow Cup in SLC in a month. :) I signed up for it, and it'd be neat-o to go. I think joining the Quidditch team is going to be a great experience to playing a sport and joining a great group of people who like and care about the same things I do. I'm excited!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today was better

Well, even though yesterday wasn't that great, today was better. In cultural anthro, we just debated about the word 'science' being taken out of the mission statement of the AAA. Spanish was interesting though. We were going over the differences between 'ser' and 'estar', so my prof showed us this video: Ser vs. Estar Rap. Me being me, I cracked up, and loved it, but then again, I think anything to do with Spanish, such as raps, movies, music videos, soap operas, are great. We also argued about how people in Latin cultures are late all the time, and one of the girls in my class said, 'well, what if you were going on a date, and he was going to pick you up at 8, you went to bed at 10 because you thought he wasn't going to show up, and he finally comes?' My teacher's response? 'Well, he picked the best time to come, so he missed paying for dinner and stuff.' haha My teacher is just awesome, plus, it was great because he talked a lot in English today which made things easier.

I really dislike my conservation biology class, seriously. I'm one of the very few non-science majors in there, and you may ask, 'then Randi, why are you taking a bio class?'. Well, I have to take one more science class, and I thought it seemed interesting, but um, nope, was pretty wrong. I also took it because it was 3 credits instead of 4, since I have four other classes and work and I thought it'd mess up my schedule if I took a lab. I took notes from the powerpoint, but I wasn't really paying attention...I was too focused on writing one of my best friends who's in Chile now for her mission, which is SO much more interesting.

Today was so cold though,'s days like these I say to myself, 'Randi, why did you go to Flagstaff for school?'. The stupid wind made it so much worse. :/ After bio, even though she let us out 10 minutes early, two shuttles passed us because all of the stupid kids from SBS (two bus stops after the one I was at) moved to the McConnell bus stop, the stop right before the one I was at. Boy, I was not happy about that, and neither were the other kids waiting there with me. It was entertaining though, a kid from my class tried to hitch a ride of the cars that passed us by putting out his thumb and half of the people smiled and drove away. I think on Thursday he's actually going to make a sign that says 'need to go to north campus'. haha

Well, that was my day at school, and now, I'm watching "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", because there is never a wrong time to watch beautiful British people and Harry Potter, right? Plus, I'll be going to my first Quidditch meeting tomorrow night, so we'll see how that goes!

But, I know things happen for a reason. There will be bad days, like yesterday, where I cried and took a three hour nap. But I know there will always be better days. And I know there will be much better days.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Not the best day

So today was honestly not the best day. It started off with me getting about 4-5 hours of sleep last night because I went home this past weekend and didn't do any homework at all. I had to watch a movie for Spanish and do a critique on it, and honestly, I did not start till a little past midnight and didn't end up going to bed till a little past two. I had to wake up at 6:45 to go to work on north campus, which is on the total opposite side of where I live when I have work at 8AM. Work was fine, did homework and all, but I was kinda dead to the world in math and Spanish. After Spanish, I had to try to get down to the opposite side of campus on south, because I had a volunteer interview at Big Brothers, Big Sisters at 1, but I could not get a bus down there because a total of 4 or so buses passed us because they were so full or everyone got on it first.

I finally got down to south and walked up the huge hill to Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and I was actually only ten minutes late (I had called a little bit after I got out of class to say that I might be a little late). The interview lady was really nice, but the interview went really in-depth about everything with the past 21 years of my life, and I mean really in-depth. I have never been asked half or so of the questions she asked me, but they were relevant to them finding me a "Little". I told her all the answers and went kinda in-depth on some of them, but there was one in particular that struck me. She had asked about personal (dating) relationships, and I kind of laughed when she asked about that. For those of you who know the story, it's not something you'd really summarize in a couple sentences, it's honestly more of a Nicholas Sparks novel or something. Well, I tried to sum it up as much as possible, but she kept giving me confused looks and wondering what I meant by the things I was saying, so I had to go MORE in-depth than I would have preferred to. And to make it worse, for some reason (maybe because I hadn't totally showed much emotion about the whole thing as of recent), I started crying a little bit. A dam in me broke, and I felt like a complete idiot because it was an interview and all, but she was really nice about it all.

After the interview that lasted (I'm not even kidding) close to two hours, I headed back down the huge hill while it snowed and I finally got home around 3-something. Well, when I got home, I realized that I dropped my hat when I was putting my hood on to go out into the snow and it was all the way by Big Brothers, Big Sisters. So, I walked all the way back up the hill to go back to it, and I had to walk all the way down back home, and by the time I got back home for good, it was around 3:30 and I had only eaten a slice of pumpkin bread that morning in Spanish. I ate a really late lunch and took a few hour nap. Honestly, one of the most exhausting overall days. Hopefully tomorrow's better.