Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday wasn't as bad as it normally is

So, Thursdays are usually my really hectic days. I start on south campus for cultural anthropology, then go to north for Spanish, then south (again) for conservation biology, then north (again) for work, then south (AGAIN) for psychology. Well, I had cultural anthro, and we talked about anthropology and how people in the military actually USE it, which I never knew before. I think it's unethical for us or anyone else to use social science as a way to fight a war. I mean, I support the troops fully, they are brave people and heroes, but I don't like war all. I'm conservative in political stand points, but I have some parts of me that are liberal, and I'm a hippie when it comes to that, like love not war.

Spanish was normal-ish, but David (as he tells us to call him, he's a grad student) is very funny and charming. Well, I WAS going to go to conservation biology because I oh so WANTED to (note the heavy sarcasm), but I decided not to because my roommate Alisha texted me to ditch and eat lunch with her. So, I obliged, and ate and talked with her. I honestly really dislike cons. bio, and it's only a liberal arts, but I really shouldn't miss much. After that, I switched my meal plan to less meals, got Jamba Juice, and was heading to work, when I ran into one of my coworkers at the environmental sciences office that I work at and she told me that all of the science buildings were flooded! I almost didn't believe her, but then again, I wanted Starbucks before I went to JJ, and it was flooded, which is pretty insane. So, I headed over to the physical science building that I work at, and sure enough, there was yellow tape in front of the physical science, biology, and chemistry buildings. So that meant no work for me for the first time!

I went to the library, then to south campus to eat dinner, then to cognitive psych. I like how my prof makes class interesting and more interactive, because I don't rather enjoy cognitive psych compared to the psychological disorders or personality and such. BUT, she does, by showing us funny youtube videos such as Marshmallow Test, which is hilarious. Also, pictures to make us see the differences between them and telling us funny stories. Thank goodness she is a good teacher, or I think I would not be very happy sitting in that classroom for 2 1/2 hours every Thursday night!

Tonight is pretty relaxing, just watching "Criminal Minds" and I think I might watch some "American Idol" tryouts because I love watching those. I picked up the school newspaper today, and I found some camp counselor postings for out of state for the summer that I think I'm going to apply to, since it'd be nice to get out of the valley when it's as bloody hot as it is in the summer and I'd be working with kids! :)

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