Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today was better

Well, even though yesterday wasn't that great, today was better. In cultural anthro, we just debated about the word 'science' being taken out of the mission statement of the AAA. Spanish was interesting though. We were going over the differences between 'ser' and 'estar', so my prof showed us this video: Ser vs. Estar Rap. Me being me, I cracked up, and loved it, but then again, I think anything to do with Spanish, such as raps, movies, music videos, soap operas, are great. We also argued about how people in Latin cultures are late all the time, and one of the girls in my class said, 'well, what if you were going on a date, and he was going to pick you up at 8, you went to bed at 10 because you thought he wasn't going to show up, and he finally comes?' My teacher's response? 'Well, he picked the best time to come, so he missed paying for dinner and stuff.' haha My teacher is just awesome, plus, it was great because he talked a lot in English today which made things easier.

I really dislike my conservation biology class, seriously. I'm one of the very few non-science majors in there, and you may ask, 'then Randi, why are you taking a bio class?'. Well, I have to take one more science class, and I thought it seemed interesting, but um, nope, was pretty wrong. I also took it because it was 3 credits instead of 4, since I have four other classes and work and I thought it'd mess up my schedule if I took a lab. I took notes from the powerpoint, but I wasn't really paying attention...I was too focused on writing one of my best friends who's in Chile now for her mission, which is SO much more interesting.

Today was so cold though, gosh...it's days like these I say to myself, 'Randi, why did you go to Flagstaff for school?'. The stupid wind made it so much worse. :/ After bio, even though she let us out 10 minutes early, two shuttles passed us because all of the stupid kids from SBS (two bus stops after the one I was at) moved to the McConnell bus stop, the stop right before the one I was at. Boy, I was not happy about that, and neither were the other kids waiting there with me. It was entertaining though, a kid from my class tried to hitch a ride of the cars that passed us by putting out his thumb and half of the people smiled and drove away. I think on Thursday he's actually going to make a sign that says 'need to go to north campus'. haha

Well, that was my day at school, and now, I'm watching "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", because there is never a wrong time to watch beautiful British people and Harry Potter, right? Plus, I'll be going to my first Quidditch meeting tomorrow night, so we'll see how that goes!

But, I know things happen for a reason. There will be bad days, like yesterday, where I cried and took a three hour nap. But I know there will always be better days. And I know there will be much better days.

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  1. Girl! I'm glad things are turning out for you. Some days when the sun isn't shining, its' really hard to see the light, but you stuck through it! You think Arizona is cold? it was -12 today..yeah i almost died. infact, i DID die. haha! I'm glad you're doing good and i'm glad you got a blog too! Stick through the hard days, there will be much better ones. Don't quit smiling because you have a beautiful one, and remember! I'm always here for you