Friday, February 11, 2011

Not much going on + Quidditch

Well, there hasn't been too many exciting things happen in my life since I last wrote an entry. I have some tests coming up (psychology and biology), some homework which is actually kinda nice, finished a book called "House Rules" by Jodi Picoult (who is one of my all-time favorite authors; probably have read 8 or so of her novels), onto a new book called "Love the One You're With", and yeah.
I went to my first Quidditch practice on Wednesday, and it was fun, but let's say, I was not prepared. I was wearing not too many warm things because I wore everything warm on Tuesday and didn't need it, but man I needed it Wednesday. We were playing in 20ish degrees with a semi-strong wind chill that kept making our goal posts knock over. Well, I didn't have gloves (which is a lesson learned now), and it was so bitterly cold. Somehow, I got a cut on my finger and it started bleeding. That wasn't too big of a deal, but the sneakers I was wearing were rubbing up against the back of my heel and I had a pretty big cut. Thankfully, a guy on my team was awesome enough to have athletic tape, so I wrapped it up. But it was fun! I was a chaser, and I made a goal, and was actually surprised because I could NOT feel my fingers and couldn't quite grasp the ball.
If you want a quick laydown of how to play 'muggle Quidditch', there's the same positions; beaters, chasers, seeker, and keeper. Well, the beaters act like they're in dodgeball, and try to hit the opposite team members with a sort of deflated kickball, and if they hit you, you have to go to your goal post, touch it, and then get back to the game. I was a chaser, so I passed a sort of deflated volleyball (or something like it) to the other chasers on my team to make a goal on the opposing side. The keeper, of course, defends the home goal, but can get into the game as well. The seeker is just like Harry, and has to get the snitch but funnily enough, the snitch is usually a cross-country runner, so it's funny to watch one person chasing another person, but our snitch was just a guy from our team.
So yeah...I had my normal Friday of going to class, going to the computer lab to do some homework, work, and then hung out with Allison, Vicki, and Janice, which was fun. We saw "Just Go With It" with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, and wow, it had to have been one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, I'd say! I could not stop laughing. Now, all my roommates are out, and I'm tired, and I haven't felt very well all day.

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