Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Harry Potter Day + The Coldest I've EVER Been in my Life

So today was beyond freezing. I live almost a mile off campus which didn't bother me too much last semester, but Oh. My. Gosh. Today, with the wind chill, it was mmm...-14 or colder. I bundled up like I've never bundled up before. (Also take into account, I've only lived in the valley and in Florida.) Apparently they sent out a warning to be careful when you're outside because of the insane wind chill and to be careful to not get hypothermia or frostbite or um...DIE. How about we don't have school when it's this cold, or the people, like me, who have to walk to campus? It's been freezing from Monday-tomorrow and then it warms up on Friday. Ugh what was the point of this cold?! It's days like yesterday and today I really wonder why I came up here for school. I can't wait till it gets warmer.

Today was kinda Harry Potter day for me. After math and Spanish, I went to the book store and bought my first pair of sweatpants (my roommates think I'm insane, but usually when I'm hanging around the house, I wear sofees), and bought "He's Just Not That Into You" and "500 Days of Summer", and a book called "Love the One You're With". I went home shortly after that (after feeling like I was going to be blown away to Oz), and watched the rest of "The Half-Blood Prince". I LOVE that movie!! I am SO in love with Rupert Grint (along with James and Oliver Phelps), but gosh I love how Ron says Hermione's name instead of Lavender's, haha. I hate that girl, I honestly don't understand why Ron was snogging/dating her. And this may seem babyish, but I cried when Dumbledore died. :/ So sad.

I looked up wizard rock bands, and gosh, I love it! I think my dream guy is a cross between Ron or Fred/George Weasley and a Harry Potter fanatic like myself (preferably a red-head with freckles like the Weasleys). :) I also went to my first Quidditch meeting, and it seems cool! Everyone seems like nerds like me, which is awesome, and they're planning to go to a Snow Cup in SLC in a month. :) I signed up for it, and it'd be neat-o to go. I think joining the Quidditch team is going to be a great experience to playing a sport and joining a great group of people who like and care about the same things I do. I'm excited!


  1. Oh my gosh I know what you mean about cold. Except nobody warned me. I went to school with just my jacket like normal and I was in a hurry so I didn't have time to go back when I realized, "holy crap I might die before making it to class." It was terrible. It still is cold here, not as bad, but I can't wait for it be 30 degrees again. Ha.

  2. So I was giggling inwardly the whole time I was reading the part about the cold- you said you were wondering why you went to school there; I am wondering why me and Will came up to freakin Idaho right about now!! I had to stand outside in -32 weather waiting for the bus to pick me up lol. -14 sounds nice!!! We'll all get through though :)
    So what did you mean you went to a Qudditch meeting..? Sounds fun-is it a group that actually plays HP sports on campus? jealous.